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Residential Intensive Cleaning Service can be done 3-6 months according to how dust and grease pile up on all areas of the house. It is like spring cleaning done once in a quarter or half a year once. The purpose is to clear up the house debris trapped in any part unseen areas like blinds, curtains, cabinets, TV console, hood and hobs, fridge, bathrooms, etc. We provide degreasing, cleaning of the entire house will basic on the scope specify below. There are more services which is part of add on cleaning services, such as upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, degrease oven, etc. Pre /Post renovation is part of our spring cleaning.

Service normally takes about 4hrs - 6hrs (2 Pax).

 Hours / Session From
Intensive Cleaning Studio Apartment and HDB 2RM (500-799sft) $400
Intensive Cleaning Studio/Condo 2BR and HDB 3RM (800-999sft) $500
Intensive Cleaning Condo 3BR and HDB 4/5RM (1000-1399sft) $600
Intensive Cleaning Condo 4BR and HDB EA/Maisonette (1400-1799sft) $700
Intensive Cleaning Penthouse (1800-2000sft) $800


      Residential Intensive Cleaning Scopes 

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  • Degrease, Clean and wipe countertop / backsplash and tiled-walls
  • Degrease stove and hood
  • Scrub and wash kitchen floor
  • Disposal of rubbish
  • Remove cobweb


  • Remove soap scum and wash shower area / bathtub
  • Scrub, wash and sanitize toilet bowl
  • Scrub and wash of basin & faucets
  • Clean and wipe bathroom countertop
  • Wipe vanity cabinets
  • Clean and wipe mirror
  • Scrub and wash floor tile
  • Empty waste paper basket


  • Dust off TV console, bedside table
  • Make beds / Change bedsheet
  • Vacuum and mop bedroom flooring
  • Dust off and wipe window grills
  • Clean and wipe window panels
  • remove cobweb
  • Empty waste paper basket

     Living Room / Common Area / Dining Area

  • Clean and wipe dining table top
  • Dust off TV console, coffee table
  • Vacuum upholstered furniture
  • Vacuum carpet and rugs
  • Vacuum and mop living room flooring
  • Dust off and wipe window grills
  • Clean and wipe window panels
  • Remove cobweb
  • Dust off and clean ceiling fan
  • Empty waste paper basket

     *Cleaning equipment and supplies inclusive.