Office Regular Cleaning Service

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Office Regular Cleaning Service suits best for organization that is not keen to hire a full time cleaner and has limited time to maintain the office cleanliness and hygiene of the premises.  To keep the office clean, neat and tidy, offices can engage our services based on monthly cleaning hours and sessions for office maintenances. 

Service available in variations of 4hrs or longer.

 Hours / Session 4 Sessions 8 Sessions
Basic 4hr Cleaning (1 Cleaner ) $400
One (1) additional working hour rate (Need one week advance notice) $25 $25


      Office Regular Cleaning Scopes

  • Maintenance of washroom
  • Wiping of desks, chairs, telephones, printer, other offices equipment etc
  • Vacuum the floor surfaces
  • Mop floor surfaces
  • Pantry maintenance
  • Clearing office dust bins   
 *Cleaning equipment and supplies NOT included.

  • Cleaning equipment and supplies not included
  • Ladder not included
  • Shifting of heavy furniture and appliances not included
  • Working from the height above 2m not included