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Office is the 2nd place where we will spend most of our time. It is good to ensure our offices safety and cleanliness at all times. Offices are prone to a mixture of contacts, due to work commitment; holding meetings with clients and internal staffs, conducting interview, delivery and etc. Therefore, we have to take up the responsibility to ensure it is safe and non-hazardous. For everyone to feel safe at working environment.

To efficiently clean the area and other airborne mirco-organisms, we brought in the advance technology of the fogging machine with Super-Q (406)  approval from NEA and other health safety authority approved disinfectant to sanitize the area rapidly without the need for direct surface contact.


Key Benefit of Super-Q (406)

  • Alcohol-free sanitizer – suitable for Halal food establishments
  • Rinse free formula, non-toxic, safe to use after dilution
  • Can be added to Refreshing Lime / Floral or Heavenly Lime / Floral / Cool / Cherry multipurpose floor cleaners to strengthen its anti-bacterial formulation to clean and sanitize at the same time

Disinfection of the entire house using Super-! (406)

Disinfection process will be carry out using our fogging machine, note that it is different from the standard housekeeping.
Routine cleaning is not inclusive in this package.