Residential Cleaning

We provide spring cleaning service and ad-hoc hourly cleaning service according to clients prefer timing.


House cleaning is a monotonous job for some people especially during spring cleaning and even weekly maintenance. It might be a nightmare to individual coming to house cleaning. Cleaning normally starts from top to bottom from every corners. Cleaning from shelving / cabinets/ glass displays/ surface cleaning, tabletop, table lamp and even removal cobwebs.

Floor cleaning will be sweeping, washing, mopping the floors depending on the floor surface. The flooring materials can vary from laminated floors, marble floor, ceramic floor, car pouch floor, etc. For carpet flooring, vacuum of carpets and for furniture including any cushions forms.


Office Cleaning

Cleanliness is priority at workplace safety now. Regular cleaning helps to ensure the tidiness and cleanliness of the workplace. Our company emphasizes personalization and customization according to clients’ needs and provides necessary advice for our clients.


Care Centers for Kids / Elderly

Toddler, children, and elderly tend to get infected much more easily than adults cleaning services for care centers. Other than cleaning, disinfection is necessary to ensure all bacteria and virus are 100% remove and need to be done at least 2-3 times per week


Kitchen Cleaning Services / Restaurants and Hotel Kitchen Cleaning

Cleanliness is the top priority for all F&B and Restaurants. Top chefs have high expectations on and hygiene, cleaning, and sanitization, enhance food excellence and business ethics. Customers see it as a sign of value towards the efforts that the organization have put in. To achieve high standard of cleanliness, procedures need to be in place for all F&B and Restaurant’s needs. Associates need to ensure daily cleaning; normally commercial cleaning company should perform a regular intensive cleaning.

The area for cleaning is examples of entryways, waiting area like benches and hostess stand, chairs/seating area, tables, restroom doors, restrooms, shared condiment baskets, equipment handles, Kitchen horizontal surfaces and splash guards, emergency exit doors, cooler/freezer doors and etc.


The area for cleaning is examples of entryway, bar top and shelves, tables, bar stools/chairs, Gaming devices, Pool tables, incl. sticks, racks, balls, ashtrays, restroom doors (inside and outside), restrooms, equipment handles, kitchen horizontal surfaces and splash guards, emergency exit doors, cooler/freezer doors and etc.


Disinfection Services


Keep our Customers and Employees Safe

Adherence to NEA guidelines including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

High traffic touch areas for disinfecting services include items such as switches, handrails, elevator buttons, door handles and entryway doors, restroom faucets, phones, keyboards, and mouse device