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During this (COVID-19) period, cleaning and disinfecting services are important as it affects our health, safety and consider priority to keep environment virus-free. It is always good to keep our home organized and sparking clean to ensure it is safe and non-hazardous. We feel happy and comfortable if we have a home that looks like hotel. Tidy and clean, the place where we normally spend most of our time ,other then at work.

To efficiently clean the area and other airborne micro-organisms, we brought in the most advance technology for fogging the areas using Super-Q (406) disinfectant solutions approved by health safety authority and NEA.


Key Benefit of Super-Q (406)

  • Alcohol-free sanitizer – suitable for Halal food establishments
  • Rinse free formula, non-toxic, safe to use after dilution
  • Can be added to Refreshing Lime / Floral or Heavenly Lime / Floral / Cool / Cherry multipurpose floor cleaners to strengthen its anti-bacterial formulation to clean and sanitize at the same time


 Type / Sessions    1 Session  2 Sessions   4 Sessions
Studio Apartment and HDB 2RM (500-799sft) $300 $550 $970
Studio Condo 2BR and HDB 2RM (800-999sft) $385 $720 $1300
Condo 3BR and HDB 4/5RM (1000-1399sft) $470 $890 $1635
Condo 4BR and HDB EA/Maisonette (1400-1799sft) $635 $1050 $1800
Penthouse (1800ft-2000ft)  $800 $1220 $2140

Disinfection Services of the entire house using Super-! (406)

Disinfection process will be carry out using our fogging machine, note that it is different from the standard housekeeping.
Routine cleaning is not inclusive in this package. Click HERE for our cleaning packages offering to you