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14 years in the hotel, F&B, Cleaning Services, We specialized in supplying experienced manpower for Hotels and Food and Beverage industry. We are respectable through words of mouth and exceptional services. BAOSHI HR Agency is a manpower agency licensed by the Ministry of Manpower of Singapore (53144234M) since 2009 follow by BAOSHI CLEANING SERVICES PTE.LTD. licensed by National Environment Agency. With our specialists that are with us for the 14years, BAOSHI CLEANING SERVICES PTE.LTD are able to provide a wide range of cleaning services from residential cleaning services as well as commercial cleaning services to F&Bs, office cleaning and even the care centers for kids or elderly.

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Baoshi provide complete services from consumers to business. Specialized in both residential and commercial such as industrial premises: warehouse, factory, retail stores, storage mart, after builder cleaning, pre-post construction and etc.

We do provide industrial cleaning services, regular industrial cleaning as part of safe work environment and to ensure compliance with facility inspection audits.

Major cleaning for Industrial cleaning will need specified cleaning equipment, cleaning chemicals and cleaning techniques. Our cleaning crews are well trained and skilled to conduct the job assigned to them.

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